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Accord Comfort Premium Linens

WHATEVER your sleep problems, the dream of a good night's sleep has now become a reality – thanks to a unique invention. The PXV Suspension Pillow™.

Until now, all pillows, have flattened significantly during sleep – becoming less comfortable and supportive. Invariably, this results in the sleeper waking up and the remaining sleep pattern being intermittent and broken. The challenge was: 'how do you prevent a squashable filling from markedly flattening under weight?'

Like many great ideas, the solution is so simple, it's ingenious. By the clever installation of 'double X' internal ties, the PXV Pillow flattens very little. This, when surrounded by hypoallergenic hollow fiber filling produces the world's first pillow to retain much more of its plumped shape all night long. So your head is gently cradled and supported in complete softly sprung comfort.

You're going to LOVE sleeping with us!"

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Accord Comfort Premium Linens
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