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The Copperrest Jade Mattress

•Our CopperRest Jade mattress is truly the "Healthiest Mattress"!

•We have a premier base foundation to ensure proper spinal alignment.

•Our exclusive Thermadyne Climate Control fabric uses advanced body regulation technology used by NASA, controls each individual's body temperature and humidity, providing a more comfortable sleep environment! 

•Our exclusive Accord Comfort Reflex layer is a unique core construction designed to offer extreme comfort along with proper spinal alignment. The exclusive design provides ample body support, but with a deep-down relief. Find true comfort and the deep sleep you deserve!

•1" copper infused gel/latex layer providing with arthritic bone/ joint relief, better circulation and is antimicrobial. 

• All our mattress come with a 60 night sleep guarantee and full 15 year warranty. 

Order today and experience the difference a new mattress by Accord Comfort Sleep Systems will provide. 

You're going to LOVE sleeping with us!"


15 Year Warranty

Accord Comfort

Reflex Layer



Climate Control

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